Task Force on ACM Digital Library Analytics

Leader: Dina Papagiannaki

Members: Alex Wade, Carlo Ghezzi, David Rosenblum, Francesco Zoffoli, Giordano Tamburelli, Haewoon Kwak, Min-Yen Kan, Natalia Manola, Cassidy Sugimoto, Roch Guerin, Ron Boisvert, Bernie Rous, Wayne Graves, Scott Delman

The ACM Digital Library contains the full-text archive of everything ACM has published since inception set in the context of a carefully curated and richly linked bibliographic database and discovery service for core computing literature including books, dissertations, and technical reports along with journal and proceedings articles from all major computer science publishers.

Basic publication metrics have been part of the ACM Digital Library for more than a decade. Download and citation statistics are displayed for articles, for issues and for entire publications. They are aggregated and displayed as part of ACM Author Profiles and Institutional Profiles. 

For analytics to be valued, the data exposed must be accurate and robust. ACM is extending its reference resolution capability to make the citation statistics more robust and complete as well as the Author Profile bibliographies. Authors’ editing capabilities of their Author Profiles will be extended to allow for more comprehensive and accurate information for use in analytics, particularly correcting and completing authors' affiliation history and uploading full bibliographies.

ACM has always made its Digital Library available for free as a test bed for research projects. Now this Task Force is focused specifically on defining analytics that can add value to the ACM Digital Library. The complete database is being made available to members of the Task Force to develop the analytics, based not only on what is currently available but on additional coverage that members of the Task Force recommend.

Initial ideas for expansion include the integration of patents with research publications and new measures of impact for individuals and institutions. Research has also begun on understanding topic evolution within a research community; how topics evolve over time; how new topics emerge and die.

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