2018 ACM SIGGRAPH Election

A third party, "Election Services Corporation (ESC)", is conducting the election.

Information required to vote:

  • Your Email Address (The email address associated with your ACM/SIG member record).
  • Your 10-digit unique pin can be found on the email sent from Election Services Corporation (ESC).

On 15 June, members of ACM SIGGRAPH (who were in good standing as of 31 May 2018) were sent voting information via an email message or post mail from Election Services Corporation (ESC). Members should have received the email if ACM has their current email address on file. If ACM does not have an email address on file, members will receive the voting information via post mail. Members will also have the option of requesting a paper ballot.

The ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee (EC) is requesting a considerable revision and reorganization of the ACM SIGGRAPH Bylaws. These changes require a vote of the membership of ACM SIGGRAPH. 

You can view the ACM SIGGRAPH Proposed Bylaw Amendment here.

You can view the ACM SIGGRAPH candidate bios and statements here.


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