2018 ACM SIGGRAPH Election

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Brad A. Lawrence
Candidate for Treasurer


I am extremely honored to be selected as an ACM SIGGRAPH candidate for Treasurer.

I attended my first SIGGRAPH conference in 1994 and joined the organization two years later. At SIGGRAPH, I met and talked with students, professors, and professionals who developed innovative ideas in computer graphics and brought that knowledge back to the Space Center. Then I discovered the ACM SIGGRAPH Professional Chapters -- SIGGRAPH all year long -- what a wonderful experience working with the local Universities and businesses in the Central Florida area promoting graphics and helping students find a place in the industry. The enjoyment of being part of this organization moved me to volunteer as the Orlando Chapter Chair. Now I hope you will allow me to give more of my time to supporting Academia by discovering more ways to promote young and seasoned scholars, bring fresh ideas to the industry and promote the Professional and Student Chapters by developing SIGGRAPH into a year long event. I wish to contribute by assisting in developing a strategic direction that makes our group grow and flourish. My many years as Treasurer for my local Chapter and the Professional Student Chapters Committee, plus managing projects supporting the US Space Program, leads me to volunteer to be your ACM SIGGRAPH Treasurer.


Brad enlisted in the Navy as a Cryptologic Maintenance Technician after high school. After his discharge he joined ITT in Dallas as a Field Systems Engineer. A few years later he was offered a job with Texas Instruments building and calibrating FLIR systems. In 1985 he accepted a job as a Video Systems Specialist on the Space Shuttle Program. In 1990 he gained the title of Computer Science Lead and managed the NASA Image Analysis Facility, Kennedy's Advanced Visualization Environment Studio and a Motion Capture lab. He obtained the NASA UNIX System Administration Certification and has earned the NASA Space Flight Honoree Award, Space Flight Team Award, and the coveted Silver Snoopy Award. Brad has received three NASA Director awards for dedication and innovation and the Technical Achievement Award in 2004. At the end of the Space Shuttle program he accepted the position of Advanced Visualization Engineer within the Imagery Engineering group at KSC.

Today Brad is the Imagery Engineering Lead. His team is reasonable for the design, build and operations of all imagery functions at KSC in support of Spacecraft Launches at Cape Canaveral.

He has belonged to the ACM SIGGRAPH organization since 1996 holding many positions including:

STV Volunteer & Sub Committee

STV Chair

Orlando ACM SIGGRAPH Professional Chapters Chair & Treasurer

Emerging Technologies Sub Committee

ACM SIGGRAPH Advisory Board


EC Media Chair



David Spoelstra
Candidate for Treasurer


The ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee needs a strong treasurer who has worked with multi-million dollar budgets and can manage financial oversight, bookkeeping, budgeting, forecasting, and create easily understandable financial reporting so they can make the best data-driven decisions possible. That is exactly what I have been doing for the past eight years as Vice President and General Manager of Algaeon Inc, a biotech startup. In that role I am in charge of finances and regularly report to the Board of Directors and shareholders. Since it’s a startup, I have also learned how to make a dime spend like a dollar.

Another role of a treasurer is fundraising. I will work to increase the prestige of ACM SIGGRAPH Awards by finding endowments for the ones that currently don’t have them (Service Award, Art Award, etc.) and funds to raise the amount awarded for the rest. Lastly, I will work to nurture and financially support all of our communities in any way possible - especially Chapters and students. The SIGGRAPH conference is only once a year and Chapters are what bind people together the other 11-1/2 months of the year. Students are the future of ACM SIGGRAPH. I have several ideas about endowments for students and Chapters that I will aggressively pursue.


For the past 20 years I have served in executive and senior engineering management roles responsible for multi-million dollar budgets at both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Before that I was a hardware/software design engineer. I have a BSE (IDE - CS & EE) from Purdue University. As a way of giving back, I teach C, C++, and microcontroller programming in the evenings at Ivy Tech Community College. I’m also the President of two amateur radio clubs with several hundred members.

Member-at-Large, SIGGRAPH ASIA Conference Advisory Group 2015 - Present

GraphicsNet Chair, SIGGRAPH 99, 06, 09, & 14

GraphicsNet Subcommittee, SIGGRAPH 97 - 98, 00 - 05, 07 - 08, 10 - 13, & 15 - Present

Networking Chair, SIGGRAPH ASIA 08, 09, & 10

Computer Chair, ACM97 Conference

Electronic Support Chair, SIGGRAPH 96

Donations, SIGGRAPH 95

A/V Support, SIGGRAPH 93 & 94

A/V Chair, SIGGRAPH 92



Mashhuda Glencross
Candidate for Director-at-Large


Our organisation serves our community through two outstanding internationally leading conferences; in North America and in Asia. We do this very well, but why did you join ACM SIGGRAPH? Was it because of the discounted conference registration, was it a complementary registration or was it because you started a Chapter?

Our membership is in decline, we should be asking why? Our key decision-making bodies lack international diversity. As a global organisation, our wider community must be engaged in organisation strategy to benefit members. We have several strengths; first that we have a strong and diverse, international scholar/practitioner/artist membership base spanning computer graphics and interactive techniques. Second, is a dedicated community of chapters and international committee volunteers who work year-round at the grass roots level. Third is our Student Volunteers who work tirelessly to facilitate the conferences' attendee experience.

My objective, if elected, is twofold; to lead establishing a strong membership value proposition for our above-mentioned communities and second to establish safe inclusive spaces both within our organisation and at our conferences. I want to develop a strategy that grows the next generation of diverse members to help develop their stories.


Mashhuda is an R&D consultant at Pismo Software with 20 years of experience in Computer Graphics. She has lectured at the Universities of Leeds, Loughborough and Manchester (UK). She was also a technical graphics product manager at ARM Ltd. Glencross did her PhD in the mid 90s in Physically based Simulation for Virtual Reality at the University of Manchester (UK). In 2006, she established and led the Manchester ACM SIGGRAPH Professional Chapter.

She is a long-time volunteer and has served within the Chapters community since 2006. She has also served on conference committees as a previous Courses Chair (2014) and General Submissions Chair (2016, 2017). She chaired the ACM SIGGRAPH Professional and Student Chapters Committee (2013 – 2016) and served on the Nominations committee (2009-2016). She is also part of a newly established ACM diversity task force and a member of the ACM PACM steering committee.



Evan Hirsch
Candidate for Director-at-Large


At my first SIGGRAPH in 1991, I discovered this community’s unmatched breadth of creativity, cutting-edge research and rich intellectual generosity. I have not missed a show since. SIGGRAPH was where I started building the foundation on which my wonderful career now stands. More than just my professional home, SIGGRAPH is where I connect, collaborate and grow deep relationships with friends and mentors ever since.

Since first elected to the EC, I’ve worked to serve our community as a voice of the animation and interactive communities. Most recently I’ve contributed my entrepreneurial experience leading the EC’s strategy committee’s work to revitalize and grow SIGGRAPH. We must remain relevant to those funding our researchers as well as the clients of our beautiful content. Equally we must serve the unmet needs for thousands of individual practitioners whose passion often comes without stability or employer benefits.

Looking ahead, I hope to continue working to develop the next generation of our community with programs for educating and mentoring future generations from a robust and diverse set of backgrounds. It is my sincerest hope I will have the opportunity to continue serving SIGGRAPH as we continue to grow and propel the organization forward into the future.


Evan Hirsch, is Managing Partner of Engine Co. 4, LLC a consortium of senior business, creative and technical executives providing strategic direction to clients in games, healthcare and applied research. He is also cofounder at The PlayNice Institute, a company that designs and develops fun, evidence-based games that help children overcome anxiety and depression disorders. In 2015, Evan founded and launched Health2047, the American Medical Association’s innovation lab. Most of his current practice is focused on using interactive graphics, VR, AR and biofeedback technologies to help healthcare and mental healthcare organizations design more effective and engaging therapeutic strategies.

He’s taught workshops on creative strategy and creating commercial products from applied research for DARPA, NASA, the WHO, USC and University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. Recent clients include; The Pokémon Company, The American Heart Association, The Trimbos Institute (Netherlands), The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Redbull High Performance group and Ubisoft. Previously, Evan was Creative Director at Microsoft’s Live Labs incubation unit and for the launch of Surface. At Electronic Arts’ Worldwide Studios, he was Head of Visual Development. He is a visiting scholar at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center, a Lecturer at Radboud University (Netherlands) and a member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

Evan attended his first SIGGRAPH in 1991. In 2008 he proposed and led the creation of the Real Time Live Program for SIGGRAPH which he chaired in 2009 and 2010. After serving on the Business Symposium program committee for 2011 and 2012, he chaired that program in 2013. He was elected to the Executive Committee in 2014 and for the last few years has lead the Strategy Initiative for the EC.



Terrence Masson
Candidate for Director-at-Large


2018 is my 30th SIGGRAPH Conference. I have come to love and respect my many international friendships with the true Pioneers of our many interrelated fields of computer graphics education, research, production and art. As 2010 Conference Chair, I chose my theme to be The People Behind the Pixels. From my research and interviewing for “CG101” and www.historyofcg.com, I have developed a passion for preserving the individual anecdotes and stories that are not written down or recorded anywhere else. Physical preservation of media is important but when we lose a colleague and friend, those unshared memories are gone forever.

As a Director, my primary focus will be to work with the SIGGRAPH History Committee to champion and enable the critically important and massive task of preserving the personal histories of our community. Specifically we need to start planning now for our 50th Anniversary Conference in 2023 and to use the opportunity to engage our membership with celebrations and recruitment world-wide, leveraging Pioneers, Chapters, International Resources, Conferences, social media, etc.

Because of my frequent international travel I will also be able to act on behalf of ACM SIGGRAPH to inform, promote, and encourage interest in all our Conference and Organization activities.


An active volunteer with SIGGRAPH since 1988, Terrence served as the 2006 Computer Animation Festival Chair, SIGGRAPH 2010 Conference Chair and is currently the ACM SIGGRAPH Outstanding Service Awards Chair. He is a member of the Producers Guild of America and the Visual Effects Society.

Currently Chair of the MFA Computer Arts department at the School of Visuall Arts in NYC, Terrence is an animation and visual effects artist and producer with 30 years of production and education leadership experience. Terrence came up through the ranks on more than 20 feature films including Hook, True Lies, Interview with the Vampire and three Star Wars movies; his work also includes short animated film, broadcast, video games and interactive media. He developed the original CG animation method for SouthPark in 1996 and his short film Bunkie & Booboo won first place in the World Animation Celebration.

A past ACM Distinguished Lecturer, he has delivered over 100 presentations, panels and keynotes world-wide including for the Boston Museum of Science, Lawrence Livermore National Labs, Annecy, Microsoft New England Research & Development Center, FMX, MIT Lincoln Labs, University of California Berkeley, The Director Guild of America, Purdue University and ISEA, just to name a few.

His book CG101: A Computer Graphics Industry Reference is a standard text worldwide for both studio execs and students.



Paul S. Strauss
Candidate for Director-at-Large


I have served as a Director on the Executive Committee for the past 3 years.

  • I helped guide the organization’s new strategic initiatives, which will help make us more relevant to members. I have recently taken lead of the group to establish a 21st century digital presence; we will be upgrading the organization’s website and providing better, easier, and more open access to the content we have created over the years.
  • I led the committee to replace the SIS submission/review system, which had reached the end of its useful life. The new system (Linklings) was used successfully for the 2018 conferences and will reduce our expenses every year.
  • I served two years as the EC representative to the CAG (Conference Advisory Group) and also served an extra year on the CAG to make sure there were no problems with the Linklings transition.
  • I have helped make sure the organization serves our entire community, including underrepresented groups, researchers and practitioners in all graphics-related fields, artists, and educators. We continue to make progress, such as creating a Diversity Chair, providing more educational services, and extending into new and neglected technical areas.

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to continue to help ACM SIGGRAPH achieve its strategic goals.


I have been a professional software engineer specializing in 3D computer graphics for almost 30 years. I attended my first SIGGRAPH conference in 1984 and have been to every one since.


Inkbit, 2017-2018.
Google, 2006-2014.
Pixar Animation Studios, 2000-2006.
Silicon Graphics/Cosmo Software 1989-2000.


Ph.D. Computer Science, Brown University, 1988.
M.S. Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley, 1982.
Sc.B. Computer Science, Brown University, 1981.


Executive Committee Director-at-Large, 2015 – 2018.
EC Representative to the Conference Advisory Group 2015-2017.
Courses Chair, 2013.
Unified Juror, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012.
Paper/Course Reviewer (multiple years).