Apply for Membership in the ACM Future of Computing Academy

Are you early in your computing career, with a passion for improving the field? Are you excited about the joy, sacrifice, and professional benefits of becoming a leader in the computing community? If so, you should apply to join the ACM Future of Computing Academy (ACM FCA) - a new initiative where young researchers, practitioners, educators, and entrepreneurs can develop a strong and influential collective voice to help shape the future of ACM and the computing community.

ACM FCA was created to foster the next generation of ACM leaders and help shape the future directions of ACM. As part of that leadership development, it defines and implements pilot projects that address challenging issues facing the organization, the field, and society in general. The focus is on harnessing collective volunteer action to pilot new initiatives that can carry ACM into the future. At the same time, FCA members interact with ACM leaders and learn about or participate in a range of existing initiatives. Thus, FCA members have the opportunity to perform valuable services to the community while expanding their professional networks and leadership experience.

ACM FCA consists of talented young professionals from academia, research labs, established companies, and startups who are committed to making a positive and lasting impact on ACM and the global computing profession. Our members are good at leading and excellent at executing. We also realize that true leadership involves sacrifice, and that making change involves extensive effort. In its first 2 years, ACM FCA created podcasts, organized summits, developed research manifestos, and created a new CrashCourse on AI video series. Read about some of our activities on the FCA website.

Inductees from ACM FCA’s second admission cycle (Summer 2019) will help establish our long-term trajectory. New members will contribute to existing initiatives or create new ones in keeping with ACM’s broad mission. If you have been discussing a change you want to make within computing, ACM FCA could provide the support structure you need to catalyze discussion into action. Applications are closed.