ACM People in the News

"Obituary: Jaime Carbonell, Professor at CMU Pioneered Language Technologies Research"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, March 4, 2020
Carbonell, whom colleagues called the "godfather of language technologies," died February 28 at age 66. He received a Recognition of Service award from ACM for his stint as president of SIGAI, ACM’s Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence, from 1983 to 1985.

"Larry Tesler: Computer Scientist Behind Cut, Copy, and Paste Dies at Age 74"
BBC News, February 20, 2020
Larry Tesler, inventor of the "cut," "copy," and "paste" commands, recipient of ACM SIGCHI's Lifetime Practice Award in 2011 and 2010 CHI Academy inductee, has died at the age of 74.

"Deep learning godfathers Bengio, Hinton, and LeCun say the field can fix its flaws"
ZDNet, February 10, 2020
2018 ACM A.M. Turing Award recipients took the stage at an AI conference to present a united front about how deep learning can move past obstacles like adversarial examples and maybe even gain common sense.

"ACM’s New Open Access Agreements: A Q&A with Scott Delman"
The Scholarly Kitchen, February 10, 2020
ACM Director of Publications discusses ACM's new open access publishing agreements with four major US universities.

"Numerical algorithms for high-performance computational science"
Royal Society Publishing, January 20, 2020
Special issue of Philosophical Transactions A was co-edited by Jack Dongarra, recipient of SIAM/ACM Prize in Computational Science and Engineering, Ken Kennedy Award, and an ACM Fellow.

"Donald Knuth on Algorithms, Complexity, and The Art of Computer Programming"
Inside HPC, January 2, 2020
In a podcast interview with Lex Fridman, computer scientist and ACM A.M. Turing laureate Knuth discusses Alan Turing, neural networks, machine learning and other AI topics.

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