ICPS Scope of Coverage

The ACM International Conference Proceeding Series (ICPS) is intended as a vehicle for promoting wider access to high-quality archival conference and workshop proceedings from the field of computing. ICPS welcomes proceedings of conferences from around the world which are both international and regional in scope and on all areas of computing including basic and applied research, and those of professional and applied interest.

All ICPS proceedings must adhere to ACM's basic quality guidelines and policies:

  • Applicant proceedings are judged according to the expected archival value of the proceedings. ACM seeks to publish proceedings whose papers are expected to remain relevant for many years into the future. ICPS editor(s) will review the quality of prior proceedings when available to determine the expected archival value.
  • Applicant proceedings must be primarily composed of peer-reviewed papers or articles; while ICPS-published proceedings may have some invited papers or other articles, the majority must undergo a peer review process to determine the quality of the published work. ICPS editor(s) will consider the review process, members of the program committee, selectivity rate, and other relevant factors in assessing whether an applicant proceedings has an acceptable quality peer-review process.
  • ACM reserves the right to exclude proceedings of events that only submit short abstract papers or articles; ICPS objective is to add substantive work to the Digital Library, rather than abstracts of papers intended for full publication elsewhere.
  • While papers may be submitted in the author's native language, ACM requires titles and abstracts be submitted in English; author(s) (including affiliations) submitted using the Roman Alphabet as opposed to Cyrillic, Chinese, or Arabic.

Publish in the ACM International Conference Proceedings Series

The ACM International Conference Proceeding Series (ICPS) provides a mechanism to publish the contents of conferences, technical symposia and workshops and thereby increase their visibility among the international computing community. The goal of this program is to enable conferences and workshops to cost effectively produce print proceedings for their attendees, while also providing maximum dissemination of the material through electronic channels, specifically, the ACM Digital Library.