Tech Policy Blog – Stay Informed on the Latest Public Policy Issues in Computing and Related Technologies

If you’re an avid follower of public policy as it relates to issues in computing specifically or to the broader field of technology, you’ll want to follow Tech Policy Blog, a website hosted by ACM’s U.S. Public Policy Council of ACM (USACM). Tech Policy Blog helps you stay current on critical legislation making its way through Congress and on the actions of government agencies in the areas of privacy, security, intellectual property, and more. You’ll also learn when these agencies have open comment periods on issues affecting you, such as electric authentication, cybersecurity risk management or drones.

Tech Policy Blog reports on the appointment of individuals to key policy making positions in government and brings you interviews with major figures, such as U.S. Chief Technology Officer Megan Smith. The site also provides access to Tech Policy Blog postings going back to May 2001.

Tech Policy Blog is hosted by USACM, which is the focal point for ACM's activities in all matters of U.S. public policy related to information technology. USACM represents a diverse community of practitioners, researchers, managers and other interested parties from academia, government, industry, and the nonprofit sector and seeks to educate these stakeholders on the impact public policy issues have on their lives.