"Advances in Deep Neural Networks"

Panel Description

Deep neural networks can be trained with relatively modest amounts of information and then successfully be applied to large quantities of unstructured data. Deep learning techniques have been applied with great success to areas such as speech recognition, image recognition, natural language processing, drug discovery and toxicology, customer relationship management, recommendation systems, and biomedical informatics. The capabilities of deep neural networks, in some domains, have proven to rival those of human beings. Panelists will explore how deep neural networks are changing our world and our jobs. They will also discuss how things may further change going forward.


Judea Pearl (2011 Turing Laureate), University of California, Los Angeles (Moderator); Michael I. Jordan, University of California, Berkeley; Fei-Fei Li, Stanford University; Stuart Russell, University of California, Berkeley; Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI; and Raquel Urtasun, University of Toronto